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Hi. My name is Kim and I have four kids. I am married and have been for 16 years. I have been doing tutorials since 2012 and I now also make kits and have been doing so for about 5 years now. Some of the tutorials I make will be with the kits I make. Some will be PTU and some will be FTU.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Come for the Boobs Stay for the Brains

Come for the Boobs Stay for the Brains

Supplies Needed

The scrapkit that I am using is called Holy Mess and it is a PTU kit. You can get it here

The tubes I am using are PTU ones and are called Ellen. You can get them here:

I am using template # 54 from Creative by Nature and you can get it here

These are the plugin that you will need
Tramages-Glass plugin

Let's get started!!!

Open your template and delete the copyright info and make the background active.

Use these papers for these layers
First lets rename all the layers so that we can follow them better. Rename them all starting with Raster 1, Raster 2 and so on...

Raster 1-paper 11
Raster 2-paper 7
Raster 3-paper 4
Raster 4-paper 1
Raster 5-paper 13
Raster 8-paper 3
Raster 9-paper 6
Raster 10-paper 1
Raster 11-paper 1

Highlight raster 7-Open the first tube-C/P-Resize it by 50%-2x-Resize again but by 89%-2x-Place it like mine-Add a drop shadow to it-Don't forget to earse the parts of the tube that are sticking out of the frame

Now goto Effects-Tramages-Glass0Use the defualt settings whixh are:
Tiles Size: 10
Tile Transparency: 73
Transparency: 0
Click okay

Highlight raster 6-Opwn your next tube-C/P-Mirror it-Resize it by 50%-2x's-Resize it again but by 80%-2x's-Place it like mine-Erase the parts taht are sticking out of the bottom of the frame-Add a drop shadow andthen add the Tramages affect that you used on the first tube

Highlight raster 3-Open your thrid tube-C/P-Resize it by 50%-2x's-Place it like I have mine-Erase anything that is sticking out of the bottom of the frame-Add a drop shadow

Now higlight the top layer-Open the element 59-C/P-Resize it by 50%-1x-Place it like mine-Add drop shadow

Highlight the top layer-Open element 58-C/P-Resize it by 50%-1x-Mirror it-Place like mine-Add a drop shadow

Highlight the top layer in the layer box-Open the element called Poison-Resize it by 50%-1x-Place like mine-Add a drop shadow

Now add your mask and copyright info and your done



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