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Hi. My name is Kim and I have four kids. I am married and have been for 16 years. I have been doing tutorials since 2012 and I now also make kits and have been doing so for about 5 years now. Some of the tutorials I make will be with the kits I make. Some will be PTU and some will be FTU.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Scrapkit-I am using a FTU kit called African Dreams and you can get it here

Tube-I am using a PTU tube called Too Hot to Handle by Zlata M. You cn get it here

Template-I am using a template called Spring stops here and you can get it here

Mask of Choice
Font of Choice

Let's get started!!!

Open your template-Delete the copyright and the word art

Use these papers for these layers
Flood Fill raster 4 with white
Raster 6-pp#24
Copy of Raster 6-pp#24
Raster 2-pp#27
Copy of Raster 2-pp#27
Before you do the papers on the next two layer click on raster 1 with the magic wand tool-Highlight raster 3 now and hit delete-Move raster 3 above raster 1-Now do the papers
Raster 3-pp#25
Raster 1-pp#26

Highlight raster 8-Open your tube-C/P-Resize by 50%-Highlight raster 8 agian-Duplicate it-Move it so that it is above the tube layer-Now highlight the tube layer again-Delete anything that is outside of the frame-Highlight duplicated frane layer-Erase the frame until it looks llike mine-Highlight raster 8-Add a drop shadow to it-Highlight the tube layer agian and add a drop shadow to that-Then merge the duplicated frame layer with the tube layer and the original frame layer

Highlight raster 7-Open element #14-C/P-Resize by 60%-Rotate it a bit to the left-Place like I have mine on the left side of the canvas-Duplicate it-Mirror it-Move duplicated layer up one in the layer box so it looks like mine on the right side of the canvas-Add a drop shadow to both of them-Duplicate both of them and flip them so they look like mine

Highlight raster 2-Open element #59-C/P-Resize by 60%-Rotate it a bit to the right-Place like mine on the left side of the canvas-Duplicate it-Mirror it-Merge them together-Drop shadow-Duplicate it-Rotate it a bit to the right-Resize it it by 95%-Merge them together

Highlight the bottom layer-Apply mask-Merge group

Highlight the top layer-Open element #54-C/P-Resize it by 40%-Place like mine-Drop shadow

Now just add the copyright and your name


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